Have you ever imagined creating a work of art wrapped in wood and epoxy? Do you want to get a high thickness of resin and are you tired of going layer by layer thus delaying the creation process and with a resin that contracts and generates too high temperatures?

We present our epoxy resin for large castings, HCAST epoxy, a resin that very adherent and perfectly combines with wood, metal, glass and ceramic containers. In addition, we recommend that you let your imagination fly and create amazing effects, lines and shapes with our transparent pigments.

HCAST resin is very low viscosity and its drying time is 72 hours to ensure a perfect temperature balance and that the thickness of the resin itself does not generate more temperature than necessary.

The control of the temperature in this type of applications is crucial so we advise to have an infrared thermometer to know at all times the temperature of the resin and how it evolves. Always starting from the importance of the temperature of the room in which it is carried out the casting, should not vary between 18-20 degrees for a perfect drying and that does not reach heat peaks too high that can put at risk the project .


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HCAST EPOXY RESIN (Size: 2,84 kg)

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HCAST EPOXY RESIN (Size: 7,1 kg)

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Pigmented Paste Polyester/Epoxi

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