In RESINECO we have the priority to offer products of the best quality and with innovative elements in terms of safety and ease of use. In this section you can find polyester resin with special characteristics that make it different from those that are easier to find in the market.

We emphasize the ADHyECO orthophthalic polyester resin that contains a paraffin that blocks the emission of styrene vapors without limiting its interlaminar adhesion.

We have recently added to our range transparent polyester resin or glass for castings, casting polyester resin without pre-accelerate to control the temperature of curing of different sizes of castings and a polyester resin for flexible lamination that allows to manufacture large laminates with fiber of glass without expansion joint (special for swimming pools and terraces)

In this way you gain in comfort and lower the security requirements of the facilities in which it is used.

We also have resins that contain monomers other than styrene and make it easier to apply them on materials that traditional polyester resins attack and make their application impossible. The best example is polyester resin for POREX.

If you need Gelcoats or brush or gun Topcoats we have a color chart at your disposal.

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