RESINECO is your store of polyester resin, epoxy resin, acrylic resin Jesmonite, Fiberglass Mat, silicone molds, alginate, ecological modeling clay, fillers, pigments, vacuum accessories for resin infusion and all the tools needed for your application.


We select products based on their quality, ease of use, security implementation and seek innovative elements permanently.

Responsibility and Safety:

The evolution of the resins market, led by the people who use these products every day demands safer, cleaner and more environmentally responsible products. We offer a range of alternatives to the use of petrochemical resources and volatile organic solvents: minimizing the amount or replaing them completely.

Our technical department can advise and offer solutions. We collaborate with
over 40 years experience professionals in the chemical sector.





DEMO DAY JESMONITE - Jesmonite Workshop

Join us and practice with Jesmonite in a DEMO DAY Workshop
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RTV Silicone, (Room Temperature Vulcanization) Standard silicone for allkinf of fast, flexible and release molds

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Clear Polyester Resin for casting OCL

Clear polyester resin for casting. High transparency. Cristal clear. Encapsulates and transparent pieces

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