RESINECO presents the range of products for laminates using vacuum and infusion techniques. Under the own brand INFUVAC you will find all the necessary consumables to obtain pieces with an exceptional professional finish.

The advantages of this type of technique are:

Quality of the final piece impossible to obtain by manual/wet impregnation method.
Less resin used and minimum emissions of harmful vapors to the user during the impregantion and curing process
The air bubbles in the laminate are avoided and their mechanical properties are increased
Lowered weight of the finished piece.
Clean and tidy Workstation.
Do not work with the resin directly.

The savings of resin and rollers / brushes and the result of the final piece, compensate the expenses of consumables (bag, mesh ...)

It can be used to create or repair resin parts with glass, carbon or kevlar reinforcement fibers.

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