Acrylic resins are a good alternative to traditional polyester resins because they contain water as the only solvent. There are different resins according to the need of each project. In RESINECO we have Alginate for the production of fast molds, super hard castings from the dental prosthetic sector and JESMONITE as a non-toxic resin with extraordinary versatility.

Although plaster and plaster can be considered resins, since they can be applied by casting or laminated in fabric (sacking, raffia, medical bandages) there are products that offer superior mechanical properties as well as a wide range of decorative effects.

This is the case of JESMONITE resin, a world leader in water-based resins that offers resin for working with fiberglass to fillers and additives for the production of metal gel-coats and multiple effects of artificial stone.

All resins in this category offer maximum safety in the work environment and ease of use in large workshops as well as in private homes.

Alginate is a material for fast molds, with water and suitable for reproduction of parts of the body since it is not toxic and can be in contact with the skin.

Acrylic resins, water based, JESMONITEAlginate for fas moulds - skin contact