Here you can find all RESINECO epoxy resins arranged for easy identification and selection.

For choosing the best epoxy resin, it is important to know part of the field of application, the working time, the viscosity of the mixture or the temperature reached during curing. They are essential elements for the correct choice. Each resin has its specific application.

We have organized the selection of resins, in groups or families to help you find the most suitable one. We have resins for work with fiberglass or carbon, high % of Biomass, Resins for surfaces in contact with food, for works of infusion or vacuum with carbon fiber and in the field of transparent resins, of which we have a great variety, mainly we differentiate them by their viscosity and working time: fast resins for jewelry and thin thicknesses or slow resins for large projects in combination with wood and furniture.

The RESINECO epoxy resin catalog is extensive, and larger than the one available in the on-line store. Check with us if you have any questions or need advice.

Epoxy resins must always have a perfect mixing ratio, unlike polyester resins where the catalyst can vary according to the drying speed that we want ... For facilitating its application, we inform in all our resins of their proportion in weight but often also in volume, a very important factor if small pieces are made in which the measurements with scales lose precision, and instead can be applied with syringes or measuring glasses in milliliters.

Finally, we recommend to review the entire range of coloring pigments for epoxy resin, both in opaque colors of great coverage and in transparent pigments to obtain spectacular results and resistant to UV.

Select below the type of Epoxy resin you are looking for:

Standard Epoxy for Fiberglass and CarbonEpoxy Resin for Wood, RIver Tables, HCASTGreenpoxyTransparent Epoxy Resins for Arts and JewelleryEpoxy Resins for Vacuum InfusionClear Pigments for Epoxy Resins

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HCAST EPOXY RESIN (Size: 2,84 kg)

Clear epoxy resin for thick castings, thicknesses up to 7cm. Specially formulated for river tables, art in combination with wood.

79.82 *
1 kg = 28.11 €
In stock


Standard epoxy for hand laminating with fiberglass, carbon fiber, Porex coating (expanded polystyrene). Medium viscosity, fast curing. Used for all kinds of repairs, molds and final parts..


26.62 *
In stock

EPOXY KIT 1,5 kg (Size: 1,5 kg)

Transparent epoxy resin for use in casting. Because of its low viscosity and adherence is widely used for small parts or jewelry. It has very good stability to UV.

37.51 *
1 kg = 25.01 €
In stock


Transparent epoxy resin for use in casting. Photos, artistic surfaces and thin castings.

40.54 *
In stock
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